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Good Day Friends!

I am so happy you are here! You've come to this page with some question I

What is Friendship Matchmaking?


I knew you were going to ask! So we’ve prepared a small musical number to explain. Unfortunately, we lost 2 of our backup dancers to recent unforeseen circumstances so I will explain here instead.


It is an ever-evolving community of people who want to connect for different reasons, but mostly because no one tells us how to make friends as an adult, so here we are. Our community is focused on love, acceptance, accountability and fun! Members in the community have access to virtual events, live meetups, and online groups where they can foster their friendships with one another.



Who can join?


Anyone who is ready for meeting new people, being open-hearted, accepting of others, and is going to follow through with their commitments. We currently have friends ages 20-70+! Most of our community is based in WA, but we do have members in other states and countries. One day I hope Friendship Matchmaking can reach anyone who needs it across the world!



Why does the community exist?


Isolation sucks. Feeling alone, unimportant, unloved, and unseen is absolutely the last way we were designed to feel. Everybody is worthy of being loved, and deserves a community of people where they feel appreciated, and cared about. I love people, I love connecting, and am really dang good at it. So I created this service so that people feel a part of something important, and can make the connections that all of us need in life.



How do you do it?


To be honest… we are still figuring it out. This service has worked really well for those who are truly open to connecting in any way they can. It isn’t a quick fix. We provide the space, people, and tools to connect. As the community grows, our needs change, so we are changing along with it.


We are working to find the best way to help as many people connect and find joy as possible, and would love to hear from you if you think there's a way we could improve!



How much does it cost?


It is free to join. Once you are ready to support the community, it's just $10 per month. Or we have a 3 or 6 month discounted option as well. I don't want price to be a barrier to entry, but we do need the communities support to continue to grow and develop the service, host events, and reach all of those who need connection.

I am so excited to meet you, and hope to have a one-on-one with you soon!



"There is something worse out there than being sad, and that is being alone and being sad."

Ted Lasso
(Amazing TV series if you haven't seen it!)

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