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Working Together To Serve Our Community!

Friendship Matchmaking is all about our community coming together to create meaningful friendships. We are growing due to the myriad of interesting and fun social events we hold. Partnering with us creates a tremendous impact on so many people's lives. By helping to provide a safe way to connect, you're helping build a stronger community. If you love what we are doing and think our community could benefit from working with you, then we want to hear from you! No matter what you may have in mind, let's hear it. And maybe along the way you too can make some new friends!

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Provide A Venue

We are always looking for spaces to host our community meetups. Our events range from 10-100 plus people. A great opportunity to introduce many new eyes to your business.


Sponsor our Next Event

Our community is committed to keeping our costs low, and minimizing the barrier to making friends. In return, we love supporting those who align with our mission. Let's chat to see if a sponsorship would work for us all!

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Provide An Event

Excited about your upcoming event and want to guarantee more attendance? Our community is looking for something new and interesting to bring their new friends to!


Provide a Service

We have a wide demographic of humans here with an even wider range of interests. No matter your service we just may have people interested in trying it out with their friends!

How do we do it?

Want to learn how we are creating such a warm, welcoming, and safe environment that encourages genuine connection? Visit our services page to book a one-on-one call. We can spend some time chatting to determine your goals and if we can help!

Look forward to working with you!

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