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May 2021

Finally.......FINALLY accquiring my AA degree (bit of a "late bloomer", I suppose; but also: I love being a student and going to school... well especially when I was physically able to go to an actual school!)

A-not-totally-complete list of hobbies/ interests: intelligently produced films / TV series (in other words, I am far from a fan of anything that could be perceived as a "summer Hollywood blockbuster"; especially the average superhero flick), the ongoing (and going and going and....) curation of Apple music playlists (example: my fave 1980's songs-- the current count is over 300 tracks (although to be totally upfront, some of those are merely extended or instrumental versions of songs I already had in the playlist-- ha ha), vegetarian cooking and baking, going out for a relaxing bike excursion on a lovely So. Puget Sound day, in the neverending debate of which are better as pets-- dogs or cats (?), this is no doubt one of the few issues where I always seem to "be on the fence" (ha ha)... I adore them both equally!, and lastly.... the only two pro sports that I have any interest in are baseball and "hoops" (in that order, btw); since I originally hail from the SF Bay Area, I follow the Oakland A's and Golden State Warriors every year with much "fanatisism"!! 😊👍 What is the reader of all of this "into"? Lemme know, and hope to talk in person soon


February 2022

Unfortunately (for rather boring tech reasons that I won’t go into) I am not able to download WhatsApp onto my device. So the only way I can stay in touch with my fellow “FMM’ers” is via twitter or discord.

My twitter: @rgtweets510 (send a DM, please)

Discord username: RGinthe360 #6779

(TBTH still “winging it” with this platform; so far it doesn’t seem 100% foolproof. But it’s worth continuing to pursue).

Because I am still very much lacking in anything resembling social engagement (hopefully for not too much longer, as things seem to be Finally getting back to—as much as is theoretically conceivable— the way they were pre-Covid, barring—gulp—yet another—gulp—Covid outbreak), I really do hope to be able to figure out some way to participate in stuff going on with FMM, preferably in-person (I will additionally be on the lookout for local meetup dot com events, as well). To whomever might read these words, I sincerely hope this message finds you staying safe and well. Best, Randall


Randall G

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