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I grew up in the Tucson for 7 years before moving to Virginia, then spent a lot of time during school in the South, so when the time came to decide on a place for a job I wanted to try out a new part of the country and picked the Pacific North West. That was in February 2020, so COVID threw a bit of a wrench in my plans, as it did for everyone, but now that cases seem to be getting better I'm so excited to meet people in my new city/community!

I like nature and spending time outdoors, in chill ways like walking around my neighborhood or camping or more intense hiking/climbing/adventuring. I love boardgames and bargames and hanging out. I'm always down for a drink!

I love podcasts and books (I have a particular soft spot for mystery and young adult fantasy series from the 80s/90s). I try to keep up with the good TV shows but they are starting to get a little overwhelming tbh. I started life out as a solid Ravenclaw but am transitioning to a Hufflepuff.

I'm a dermatologist, so if anyone wants sunscreen recommendations hmu.

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