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I currently work for the University of Washington as an administrator for about ten years now. I've lived in Seattle for around the same amount of time. I received my bachelor's from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and grew up in Alaska. Most of my friends in Seattle also came from Alaska, but I'm ready to make new friends from WA state and Seattle.

I'm nerdy, so my main hobbies are most anything pop culture: movies, music, video games, streaming shows, board games, and all sorts of technology and gadgetry. I hope to work in marketing and communications since that's my background. I would love to go to graduate school at UW one day.

I also like volunteering when I can. I volunteered for the Special Olympics back when the UW hosted. I also went to several volunteering events pre-pandemic. When the world returns to normal, I hope to save up to go to events like PAX, CES (in Las Vegas), and TGS (in Japan).

Jonathan Sallows
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